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that is all the time we have left this evening. as always, thank you for being with us. let not your heart be troubled. greta van susteren is standing by. this is a fox news alert. at this hour american warships are closing in on syria. they are ready to strike if president obama decides to pull the trigger. does he first have to get approval, though, from congress? he certainly thought so when he was a u.s. senator. flashback to 2007. >> george bush and dick cheney must hear loud and clear from the american people and the congress, you do not have our support and you do not have our authorization to launch another war. >> i want to make it clear. i want to make it clear to the president. if he takes this nation to war in iran, without congressional approval, i will make it my business to impeach him.
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>> obama didn't know when he was criticizing bush. he didn't know how the world worked. he didn't know there were a bunch of bad guys. demanding that bush go through congress. demanding that bush go through the united nations. demanding that there be a coast guard. >> the war drums continue to beat louder and louder in the middle east. >> u.s. navy warships are standing by. they are waiting order from the president. >> the syrians have said that if struck, they will counter strike and downer attack on tel aviv. a city which they slay burn. >> it is pretty obvious the syrian army used chemical weapon. the president called that a red line so he feels we have to retaliate. >> what i would hope is that at some point, they would come to congress on authorization. congress has been missing in action for a long time relative to foreign policy. >> this is some of the most profound disrespect i have ever seen. >> just moments ago, senator john mccain went on the record.
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back in the fall of 2007, sir, then senator obama and then senator biden were both running for president, interested in office. and senator obama said that vice president cheney president bush did not have the authorizing to launch another war. then about two months later, then senator biden said they did not have authorization, approval by congress to go to war. talking about iran. that he would make it his fwis to impeach the president and the vice president should they go to war without that approval. so now to today. does the president have the authorization or approval from congress to take military action against syria? >> under the war powers act -- by the way, the president just showed on issues like these, it is not where you stand. it is where you sit. he sits in a very different place now. no, the president does not. president reagan invaded grenada
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without ongal authorization. there are another examples. the war power act is very nonspecific on this. requires consultation. it requires other thing and every administration says the war powers sacramento unconstitutional but refuses to test in it court for fear that it might be ruled constitutional. no, the president does not have to, despite what he said. buzz he is required to consul with congress and it would be in his interests to consul with congress, rather than acting in a unilateral fashion. by the way, i have never seen so many leaks in my life, down to days and weapons and targets, and it is really shameful. and this president said that they crossed a red -- it would be a red line, obviously they've crossed iter time in the past. and now he is now saying that
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they will not be advocating or working or struggling, or striking for regime change. that's crazy. >> when you talk about consultation with congress, it seems a rather fluid concept. speaker boehner sent a letter to the white house asking the president to answer 14 questions about his intentions or how he measured success or going into war. but i'm curious. what do you understand consu consultation to be? consult everybody? what does it mean in. >> it it should be as many as possible and it is much more difficult that we are in recess. certainly the leadership first. members of the relevant commit arizona a ees. if he crossed the red line on chemical weapons, then that would be unacceptable. and now, he is saying that they're going to strike. but it is not for purposes of
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regime change. you can't reconcile those two positions. and so it has turned into a very difficult position for the president to take. and there is a suspicion, obviously, that this will be a cosmetic kind of an action which other presidents have taken in the past. could i just mention one other issue really quickly? the opponents of taking any action in syria, despite the fact 100,000 people have been massacred, a million children refugees, are saying if we help the syrian free army, that that will be helping al qaeda. that is a lie. that is not true. we have a viable free syrian army, commanded by the general. they are operating on their own. they are still a majority and to say that it would be al qaeda influenced is not true. and we can get -- i found out today that not one weapon has gone to the free syrian army
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from the united states. it has from some other countries in the region but not from the united states. that's shameful. >> what do you anticipate is going to happen if the u.s. does take military action? if the point is not to take out president assad? what are we trying to do? just sort of, i don't know, sabre rattling? if we go after the chemical sites, that we run the rick of creating other problems? what is the goal here? >> that's an excellent question. because if the administration is saying they're not there for regime change, then the question has to be asked, what are these attacks supposed to accomplish? and my view is that what the president should be saying is that now he has committed war crimes, and we will give the free syrian army what they need. we will take out his air power. and we will negate that air power and we will provide them with a safe zone from whence to
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operate and reverse the momentum which is on the side of bashar al assad, iran, hezbollah and other radical groups. >> many americans have war fatigue at this point and are unsure where this leads. i'm curious, if we do that, what happens? if we do nothing, what happens? >> if we do nothing, then the slaughter continues. as i said, and these want to do nothing do not realize or appreciate the fact that this is becoming a regional conflict. you cannot confine this to syria. look what's happening in iraq as we speak? more killing than there's been since 2008. restoring of al qaeda in both iraq and in syria. particularly in iraq. you're seeing lebanon having increased violence. jordan is on brinking, on the brink of having to, the overthrow of the government.
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this is spreading. and you can't confine it. and the only way you're going to solve this is help those people overthrow bashar al assad, and is it complicated? is it difficult? of course. but it is much more complicated and difficult than that we had helped these people two years ago. >> a perplexing thing that has happened, the arab league of which syria was a member, suspend syria two years ago because of shooting civilians. now they've come to the point where they are condemning what happened, chemical weapons, and they are assigning the fwlim president assad and his regime. but they don't advocate military action. if they at least nodded toward us or asked us, something, they would at least give us cover to go in there. we've got arab league sitting on the sidelines on this. >> the arab league has never been known for its courage. they're the ones who are assisting. certainly qatar, saudi arabia, u.a.e. and others are assisting
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the free syrian army a heck of a lot more effectively than we are in giving them help, that we have not given them. and by the way, i understand the request by the free syrian army. for gas macks has been refused by the united states, by the cia and our government. all i can tell you is that america must lead and america is not leading and that is apparent to every nation in the region. and the arab league not signing on is an indication of their lack of trust, that the united states will do what is necessary. maybe just they're worried as i am that it will be a cosmetic few cruise missiles and then stop. >> in light of the fact that this is all open. everyone is talking about it. there are no big secrets about what we are planning to do. maybe the specifics but generally, why not do it, it has been suggested to have a robust debate in congress rather than
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having this shuttle diploma circumstance sending peel to the white house to talk. why not lay this out so the american people can see what the security allegations or suggestions are by various members of the house and the senate. >> well, i'm not opposed to that. and we can have the speaker and the majority leader call congress back from recess. that is within their authority and begin that debate. so i suggest that senator paul address that to speaker boehner and harry reid and mitch mcconnell. i'm not against that. but i am against delaying, reactioning to what is a massacre of a thousand people. you saw these pictures of these dead children. come on! this is horrific! we can't stand by and watch this happen. >> when was the last time that you spoke with president obama about this? or have you even had an audience with him or a conversation with him about syria? >> i had a brief conversation a
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few days ago and i had a conversation with the vice president today, which was an extended conversation. and i made my points just as i am making them to you. >> senator, thank you very much. and of course, we're all watching to see what that in the next days and weeks to come. >> thank you, greta. mcclatchee news correspondent has the latest developments from just across the border in beirut, lebanon. is there any new information on the u.n. weapons inspectors? are they staying in syria as long as sunday when their visa expires? >> reporter: as far as we know, they plan to stay as long as sunday. and they were out today again collecting evidence from some of the areas that may have been affected last week. but they've been fairly responsible in terms of leaks, and we really don't know what they found yet. >> is the area getting even more
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agitated? preparing for what has at least been threatened? these missile tikes syria? we had the situation where at least britain has put off a vote until the u.n. inspector' report is out. is there some sense buoyant happen imminently or to they expect it any second now? >> they're expecting something. today in lebanon, at least over the last 48 hours, we've seen what some authorities are estimating is 16,000 new refugees joining the 700,000, nearly, syrian refugees that have come in previously. a very small country like lebanon, this is a stabilizing effect and i am a told refugees going into jordan and turkey ahead of the possibility of these strikes. >> what are the threats from the syrian government toward the united states or toward anyone, should these attacks happen? how does hezbollah -- have they
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said how they intend to respond if this happens? >> reporter: well, those will be two different sets of responses from what we can tell. the syrian government has said they would respond and defend themselves against anybody who attacks them as any sovereign nation would. in term of what hezbollah and iran might do, that one gets a little more come reply kaxtd iran has spent upwards of a billion dollars arming. but programs as a buffer against any attack on their nuclear weapons program. so their political congratulations and response will be very much much more complicated than the syrians. >> what is the perspective? i realize various groups will have perspectives. what is the view of president obama there from the different group and even the united states right now? >> reporter: in some ways, probably surprisingly similar to senator mccain who i was just
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listening to. with the region right now desperately trying to figure out, will there be strikes? i think there is some certainty at this point that there will be some kind of response from the united states at least. but really, what will the extent of the strikes be? and will they be something that might change the ballot battlefield where we're seeing things looking increasingly looking like a stalemate. so people have made it a foregone conclusion that there could be some action. they're waiting to see if it could be symbolic or whether it will change facts on the ground. >> mitchell, thank you, sir. >> reporter: no problem. thank you very much. >> navy warships are ready to strike. they are in position. so how would an tike syria be carried out?jor general bob sca us. good evening. >> hi, greta. >> i know last night you thought it was a dumb idea, to use your words, to do this. in the event that it does happen, how would you anticipate it? >> it will be a 24-hour
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campaign. four navy ships and two submarines, one u.s. and one brit. they will launch about 200 cruise missiles, tomahawk cruise missiles bat 50 targets inside syria. these tlargts principally be directed at the syrian air force. that's the helicopters on the ground, fuel storage sites, command and control, and whatever else sort of fixed sites they can find belonged to the artillery, to missiles, to multiple rocket launchers, anything to degrade syria's ability to deliver offensive chemical weapons or to deliver, or the continue the offensive against the syrian people. >> all right. i would not expect that we would have loss of american life unless there is something of catastrophe. there may be some civilian loss of life in syria, possibly. i would expect some of that. i'm trying to measure the cost. the cost of these 200 tomahawk
7:16 pm
missiles, i looked online. $1.5 million a piece. that's $350 million. >> about $350 million. >> the infrastructure to do that. >> that's not including the command and control, the maintenance of the ships at sea, all the other thing, clandestine and overt. it sounds simple but it is a very, very complicated, difficult operation to put together. >> if this does happen, and let say that everything goes perfectly, and we walk away from this, what would the military say it has achieved for the country on this one? >> i think very little. we may take the syrian air force, we may take down their helicopters and fighter jets. the main threat against the rebels is not the air force. it is rockets and artillery. the syrians have been very ca careful to hide those. they are hidden in caves and
7:17 pm
villages and wood lines. they are extremely difficult to find. they'll be moving them around and they're mobile targets. and tomahawks are not very good against anything that moves. >> if president assad is not the target here, not trying to do regime change. does that make it profoundly different as well in. >> absolutely. the administration has said, they're not going to attack chemical storage facilities for obvious reasons. they can be attack assad and his inner circle because they move around all the time will you can't hit targets with cruise missiles. so they'll go after symbolic infrastructure and symbolic military targets with the hope of degrading the syrians. i think the long term significant consequences will be minimal. >> do you have the expense the military, our military, is advising the president that this is a smart, strategic thing to do? to achieve a good goal? or do you have a sense it is the
7:18 pm
national security -- who is telling the president, that this is smart. obviously senator john mccain who has seen these refugee camps and has, he passionately believes -- >> i think it is coming from the state department and from the president's inner circle. the national security council. most of the military i talked, to uniform military i've talked to are very skeptical. not so much that they can't do this. of course they can do this. what they're worried about are the extreme consequences. most importantly, what happens next? >> the one thing i will say for senator john mccain. he is one of the few people who has actually been there. and eyes on the ground to me. as i evaluate what everybody tell me, that's not an insignificant part of it. >> let's make a couple points. this is not a normal war. this is a sectarian civil war. this is the most brutal, horrific type of war that any nation can fight. civil wars, like our own, tend
7:19 pm
to exhaust themselves with both sides. view it as a forest fire that birnts self out. the circumstances of civil wars are horrific but third party participation in civil war never ends well for any of the parties involved. >> i think that evaluating this, we should have a robust debate and figure out what we'll get at the he said of it. thank you. >> thank you. straight ahead, many african-american leaders in washington today commemorating the 50th anniversary of the kuo i have a dream" speech. curiously, the only african-american senator didn't get involved sixt because he is a republican? also, another obamacare delay. could this delay the launch date? plus, wait until you see when anthony weiner is paying for now. oh brother! from what happened
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senator tim scott must be feeling a bit left out. the african-american republican senator not asked to speak on the mall today, marking the anniversary of martin luther king's i have a dream speech. other democratic congress members did speak. why was senator scott not even asked to speak? joining us, herman cain. good evening, sir. >> hello. how are you? >> some republicans were invited. president bush 43 who is recovering from surgery, speaker boehner out of town at another event earlier, and majority leader eric cantor. a lot of spotlight on the only
7:24 pm
african-american u.s. senator, tim scott, republican for south carolina, not asked to speak. why not? >> because he is a conservative republican, pure and simple. you would think that the only black senator in the united states senate from south carolina, one of the states that it was hot bed of segregation during the civil rights movement, would have been invited. i know senator scott and that i know he would have moved heaven and earth in order to be there if he were invited. the fact of the matter is the entire commemoration had a very liberal flavor to it. that's why senator scott was not invited. >> is there any chance it was just like, sometime things happen, there are oversights for whatever reason. i've made blunlders myself. or was it a deliberate slight because of his politics? >> greta, i believe it was a deliberate slight because of his politics. and this isn't the first event
7:25 pm
that though of us that are conservative, which means we believe in less government, less taxes and more individual -- this isn't the first event where conservatives were noticeably left out. so no, i don't think it was an oversight. they were meticulous enough to invite all the hollywood stars and everybody else they wanted to be there. you have one black united states senator. that's not an oversight. that's something that was done deliberately in my opinion. >> dr. martin luther king is very important tul americans, to white americans and to conservative african-americans. i'm curious, i know why he is important to me. i'm curious, why is he important to you as a conservative african-american? >> dr. king is important to me as a black american because i along with millions of other black people have been able to work and achieve our american dream on the shoulders of dr. king and all of the other people that marched, all the other
7:26 pm
people that sacrificed. that's what today's celebration was supposed to be about. those of us that have now reached what he described as the promised land but it didn't say that the promised land was going to be easy. so he is important to me because that entire civil rights movement did something in 1964 by waste civil rights act of 1964. it removed what i called the civil liberties no-fly zone. that's gone. we now have a responsibility to then take advantage of that by pursuing our dreams based upon what he talked about. and ultimately what he died for. which was, equal justice and treatment for all. that's what this commemoration, i believe, really should have been about. >> we have less than a minute left. i'm curious how you thought president obama's speech, what you thought of it, whether it met your expectations. no.
7:27 pm
it did not meet my expectations. on the other hand, maybe it. did i didn't have high expectations for president obama's speech, to be perfectly honest with you. i did not find, based on people i talked to, not just my opinion, it was not particularly inspirational. hit more of a political bent than an inspirational bent relative to how we should look at today a it's a spring board going forward, rather than focusing so much on what happens 50 years ago. yes, we need acknowledge that. we need to look back. we should not go back to the 1960s. >> mr. cain, thank you very much. always nice to see you. >> thank you, greta. to tonight's hot button issue. should republican senator tim scott have been invited to speak on the 50-year anniversary or not? go to our poll and vote now. coming up, president obama may call it a fake scandal but the irs is still at it.
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why did the irs just send another letter to the tea party patriots? the group's co-founder is here and the obama administration hits a new obamacare delay. could this derail obamacare' october 1 start date? plus, what is the weirdest thing you can get for $15. just ask anthony weiner. you won't believe what he is accused of bank rolling. ♪ [ male announcer ] staying warmnd dry has never been our priority. our priority is, was and always will be serving you, the american people.
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tonight, another one. the obama administration hitting a new obamacare delay. this time hhs is having trouble finalizing contracts with insurance company, so it will not meet its intended september 5-9 deadline. now it is being pushed back to mid september. how bad is this delay? will it throw off obamacare's october 1 launch date? good evening, sir. >> good to be with you. thanks for having me. >> we've had a lot of some are
7:33 pm
others. where does this run rate? >> i think this is pretty significant. this is between insurance company and the government. they have to sign these contracts before they can even get ready to go in for the exchanges. that's all set for october 1st. this just shows that this health care law, which is not just unpopular and not just unaffordable. it is unworkable. as a doctor i want to make sure we have people in this country getting care that is affordable and they have access to this care. this health care law is heading in the wrong direct. >> let me tell you why i'm suspicious of this one. at first i thought what's the big deal? so they push it off a week. what's the big deal? in inquiring why it was pushed off, that old transparency stuff. we cannot get an answer. i couldn't find an answer. at one place i read that there might be technical problems. it occurred to me why don't they just say that? we all understand technical problems. then i thought, i put, i thought of myself as a lawyer for a second. the reason they don't have these signed contracts is because i
7:34 pm
suspect they don't have a deal. and they don't want us to know that there is really no deal but they won't tell us. so it is just wild speculation. >> this is just the 34 states the government and washington is supposed to be in charge of. even the states of california and oregon, they're concerned that having delays. the white house truly, they're frantic, panicked, they're trying to put this together with chicken wire and duct tape to make it fly on october 1st. this health care law is not good for patients, not good for the doctors and nurses who take care of em. this. >> what if october 1 roll around and they're ready to go and all the critics have egg on their face? people may not like obamacare but the two questions, when you are like obamacare and the second, whether it will actually work. suppose october 1 roll around and the exchanges work beautifully. >> if they, do people will see sticker shock. they'll be paying a lot more for health care than they would have you without this health care law. those that looked at it said for
7:35 pm
people under the age of 30, four out of five will be paying a lot more than they're paying now. even with the subsidies. >> you talk about the people under 30. why did they guy health care? we want them to buy it so they pay into the pot so they lower the cost for the older who might be sick or the more sick person. if you're under, the cost of the penalty is less than probably what you pay for the insurance. >> a lot less. >> and if you get sick and you're under 30 -- at that point you can buy it. why in the world would anyone under 30 buy it? >> there is no reason to. the ruling came out also about the penalties, as you talked about. the irs isn't going to have the authority to actually go after you for the money. they've come out and said, all they can do is withhold from you, confiscate what would be your tax rebate. so i think they're not going to have much of an opportunity to go artist. so there are no incentives for
7:36 pm
young people to go into these exchanges or to buy insurance except it is the law. the law goes into effect january 1st. the one thing that seem to be sticking is the most unpopular part which is the mandate that every individual has to buy. not just insurance but government approved insurance. >> i'll tell you what is not too popular is that you guys on capitol hill and your staffs, you're going to get a big federal subsidy. about 75% that the president signed before you all web on recess. >> the president pushed that through with harry reid. the republicans have legislation to get rid of that whole thing. it is interesting. the health care law is what the president says it is that day. the only people that seem to support the health care law are people that don't want it to apply to them. that's what we're seeing now. >> it is stunning. that part is particularly stunning. always nice to see you. >> the other thing is that bill clinton will have to explain to
7:37 pm
the american people, come september, what the health care law is about. he is being put into pinch-hit. folks have stopped listening to president obama. he has lost credibility. >> nice to sigh, sir. >> thanks for having me. now the tea party targeting, the group got a new letter from the irs. what does the irs want this time? c the co-founder joins us. good to see you. you don't have a tax-exempt status yet, is that correct? >> that's correct. they've 97 made their final determination. we played originally in december of 2010. to this the day, they're stringing us along in discriminating against us. it has been nearly three years. >> all right. what is the letter that you just got? >> we got a letter last week asking for fundraising appeal from the end of last year. tend of 2012. they want to know every
7:38 pm
advertisement that we've done. they want, they just keep wanting to know more and more informing. and the longer they wait, the more information that they want from us from time that has passed while we've been waiting while they've been discriminating. >> this is the oldest trick in the book. this is where you're really getting bamboozled. they've kept this going for three years. the reason they keep it going, if they actually denied you, you would be able to appeal their denial. what they've done is actually something cruel or worse. they've made your tea party organization, they put you in this him boex you would be better off with a denial from them. >> yeah. if we had ten, we can go to court and challenge the ten. because of what they're doing right now, we're stuck. we don't know what the law is. the law for them, the rule and regulations for this, it is a complete moving target. at this point i don't know what
7:39 pm
the rules are anymore. they keep changing them. in july we got a letter saying if we fwreed only to 40% of political activity, even though legally we're allowed to do up to like 49.5%, roughly, not more than a majority. they said if we agreed to 40%, then they would give us expedited process. two and a half years after we applied, they would give us expedited procedures. it is not lawful. it is complete lawlessness. it is wrong. and it needs to stop. i'm going off. president obama said in may, that he would get to the bottom of this. that was a phony promise. this is a real scandal, not a phony scandal, as he says, in his promises are the things are phony. >> well, susan is your tax law specialist and she is the one who sent you this letter. have you ever spoken to her or can you get through to her? can you ask? have you ever heard of her?
7:40 pm
is this like coming out of the sky at you? >> this is completely new. this is completely new. we never flared this woman before. at least as far as i can tell from looking back at the letters we've received. we've heard from two men and from lois lerner and this is the first time we've heard from her. it is so frustrating. i don't know what the law is any longer because they keep changing it. we are a country of rules and laws. we are not a country of men. we're not living by our rules and laws. >> let me give her name. susan condiff. we'll look at the letter she sint. and the fact they've been hanging you out to dry on a tax-exempt application. at least the courage of even denying it so you could go to court and get some relief from
7:41 pm
the tyranny of this one. any way, good luck. and i hope you hear from the irs soon. they're going to fish or cut bait on this one. >> thank you so much. good talking to you. coming up, why is california targeting little leaguer and future farmer of america. you'll find out. and in two minutes, aaron hernandez is not playing any football these days but he might still get a big paycheck. that answer, two minutes away. (man) that's a good look for you. (woman) that was fun. (man) yeah. (man) let me help you out with the.. (woman)...oh no, i got it. (man) you sure? (woman) just pop the trunk. (man vo) i may not know where the road will lead, but... i'm sure my subaru will get me there. (announcer) love. it's what makes a subaru, a subaru. even in stupid loud places. to prove it, we set up our call center right here... [ chirp ] all good?
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murder suspect and former nfl star aaron hernandez may never play nfl football again and it is a good thing he hit the gym during the off-season. hernandez could be depositing an $82,000 check while in jail. he participated in 90% of the team's voluntary off-season workouts, so the nfl players association is trying to get him his workout bonus. patriots owner robert craft does not think he should get the bonus. that's because the nfl
7:44 pm
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7:47 pm
lose their tax-exempt status from california? >> reporter: earlier this year, the democrat from long beach introduced the youth equality act which would take away the tax-exempt status of youth groups, to prove that their policies were discriminatory. this would basically, in doing so, it would basically take away the policies of the, the discriminatory policy that's these groups are facing and basically, allow for them to, the policy that's would ensure that they are, well, i don't know, greta. help me out here. >> let me ask you, how are the future farmers discriminating? are they saying like girl can't be future farmers? what is the story on that? >> reporter: basically, they have a tax-exempt status.
7:48 pm
they don't have to pay tax on their donations on, goods that they sell, et cetera. if they do not prove that they do not discriminate, then they don't have to, if they approve that they don't to have discriminate, they prove that they don't to have pay the bills. >> so the burden is on the organization to private doesn't discriminate, rather than, nobody has said that the future farmer do discriminate? they just suddenly because of this bill, if it is signed into law, they have to prove that they're not discriminators? >> reporter: yes. they have to send the letter to the franchise tax board or include language in their bylaws that say they don't discriminate in terms of gender, in terms of sexual oren air, or the persons where they are from. if they do not so, they'll lose their tax-exempt status. >> 30 seconds left. is this likely to pass?
7:49 pm
>> more than likely, it made the way through the senate as well as an assembly commit yeah earlier this week and it will be taken up by the senate, by the september 13th. tend of the session. >> well, it will be interesting to way. . i'm sure that little league, boy scouts, ymca and the other groups, not desperately but do need the tax-exempt stat to us survive. i would guess. ben, thank you. >> reporter: yep. straight ahead, anthony weener is getting desperate. no, east not tweeting or sexting. hey linda! what are you guys doing? having some fiber! with new phillips' fiber good gummies. they're fruity delicious! just two gummies have 4 grams of fiber! to help support gularity! i want some... [ woman ] hop on over! [ marge ] fiber the fun way, from phillips'.
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>> greta: okay, everyone it's time to hash it out. we cannot make this up. new york post reporting anthony weiner paid for phony supporters to come cheer for him, source says, reportedly hiring a rent a crowd firm hiring actors for $15 an hour, weiner's campaign denying allegations and outspoken film maker blasting u.s. military strike on syria. more unleashing on twriter directing frustration on the president tweeting nobel peace
7:54 pm
and yikes. now, tell us how you really feel, michael. and vladimir putin, shirtless, "wall street journal" tweeting a painting depicting vladimir putin in womens' under wear was confiscated by authorities showing him brushing the hair of the former prime minister seen wearing womens' under wear. authorities claiming the piece breaks laws. the paint painting's artist fleeing russia, seeking asylum, now in france. is this the week of miley cyrus? from selfy to twerk, new words that, is right. twerk. dance move made famous at the mtv video music awards and selfy is a self taken
7:55 pm
photograph are now part of the online vo cab back to you larry. >> and what do scantily clad models have to do with medicine? naming the room after abercrombie & fitch donating more than $10 million to osu medal -- medical center this would nop knot be the first time. columbus childrens hospital naming it's emergency department after the controversial brand despite push back over racy ads. now, it's your turn to hash it out with us. also, don't forget to follow me on twitter at gretawire. coming up what everyone is going to be talking about tomorrow, does congress have to raise the debt ceiling? jay leno has a solution, you'll hear it next. [ jackie ] its just so frustrating...
7:56 pm
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let's look out for each other. let's look both ways before crossing. ♪ let's remember what's important. let's be optimistic. but just in case -- let's be ready. let'go places, safely. >> greta: should congress raise the debt ceiling? >> treasury secretary asked
8:00 pm
congress to raise the debt limb writ for borrowing more as soon as possible. secretary of treasury said if congress doesn't have move soon, they'll have to work with only the money they have now, you know like rest of us do. >> greta: good night. >> the o'reilly factor is on. tonight -- >> the change has always been built on our willingness, we, the people, to take on the mantel of citizenship. >> amidst a number of racial controversies the president and others address the nation on the 50th anniversary of dr. king's i have a dream" speech. james carville and i will analyze. >> unless you're attacked, unless there's proof we are about to be attacked, i would move to impeach him. >> that's advice biden said about president bush invading iran in 2007. now president obama might attack syria. things are getting complicated.

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